Military Simulation Games in San Antonio, TX

Games you can expect to play Tuesday, Thursday and Friday:


  • Move the nuke from Point A to Point B while the enemy tries to retrieve it.

Team Death Match

  • The classic military-simulation/elimination game mode. Two teams of even sizes fight to the death.

King's Corner

  • Start in each of the four corners and players rotate around the map trying to eliminate the enemy team.

Reload Mania

  • Each time the whistle blows, players remove their mag and reload.

Where's Waldo?

  • Teams take turns trying to capture a high-value neutral target while the target is constantly moving and avoiding players.

Battle-Buddy Barrage

  • Free-for-All with a buddy. Teams of two compete to be the last team standing.

Briefing Area

Once you sign in at the counter at Airsoft Revolution 15, you will enter the Briefing Area, where you will check in and the Airsoft team will brief you on the arena rules.

AR-15 has a purpose-built arena to provide a well-laid out field with various elements that provide cover for airsoft players. The field configuration changes every few months to provide a unique experience even for our regulars.

Airsoft Shooting Range San Antonio, TX

Environmental conditions on the field can change from game to game as well as day to day. We also alter the battlefield environment with lighting effects. These different conditions can change the outcome of the entire game and challenge players of all skill levels.

Night games are also played throughout the day by dim lighting that gives the effect of dusk or dawn for a really intense experience.  

Safety with Airsoft Guns and Enforcers

Safety is AR-15's number one priority on the field. For every organized game, there are always two enforcers on the field. The Head Enforcer is in the ref tower 10 feet above the entire field while on a two-way communication with the other enforcer. 

Enforcers are watching for: 

  • Safety
  • Overly Aggressive Behavior

  • Honesty / Code Of Conduct
  • Players in Need of Help

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