AR-15 MilSim

Tactical Training San Antonio, TX

Military Simulation & Tactical Training in San Antonio, TX

Tactical Training San Antonio, TX

Operation:House of Nightmares 3

Operation: . the Resistance falls back after two battles lost, the Federation makes their stand and makes their way into the compound to finish what happened at Final Rule....

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Airsoft Guns San Antonio, TX

AR-15's BattleGrounds: Zombie Over Load 

A zombie presence style of survival where you can survive with a group or by yourself in this role playing experience. You could have the opportunity to play as a Zombie!
This is a mission survival style, objective oriented MILSIM event, all 3 sides will be given mission sets to accomplish.  Click here for more information.

June 4, 2016
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Tactical Training San Antonio, TX

AR-15 Paintball Operation: Ground Zero

Part 1 of 4 part series: where it all begins, Ground Zero is the battlegrounds set for the resistance and federation meet for the first time to engage into a fight of dominance.
 Choose your side and play as either the Resistance or the Federation
November 4,2017  (not for the faint of heart)

Final Rule 2

Part 4 in a 4 part series. Now that Wrath of Athena is over, We find a shocking return to the SRF and defeat to the Resistance. Raptor past comes forth and ultimatley finds himself in pain, what happens next will shock you and take this next chapter to another level. The SRF makes their move on Cerberus as the Resistance falls back.  All the answers we are looking for will come to pass, as we embark to Operation: Final Rule 2. Choose a side and play your part as either the Federation or the Resistance. You decide the fate of Cerberus.
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