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Tactical Training Parties in San Antonio, TX

During non-public hours, we host private parties and allow military / law enforcement to train in our facilities, by appointment. Give us a call during our regular business hours to set up a private party. Please call two weeks prior to the desired date. There is a $100 non-refundable deposit required to schedule an event.

Semi-Private Party: $350

  • 3 hours of gameplay for up to 10 players.
  • Use of a private party room 
  • Access to the public play arena
  • Rental with facemask and 500 BBs per rental
  • $35 per additional player
  • If ALL your players have their own gear, we only charge $250 for up to 10 players

Private Parties: $400

  • Full rental packages for up to 10 players for a total of 2 hours 
  • Use of our private party room
  • Own referee to facilitate game play
*All facility rules apply to parties. Each player under the age of 18 must have a waiver on file.

*Additional ammo is available for purchase. 
*Everything is on a first come-first served basis.

Military Simulation Events

No two games are the same at Airsoft Revolution 15. Every night we’re open, we offer a different type of gaming experience. 

Wednesday: Roulette Night

Player's choice empowers the player and allows the player to bring a new mix into our arena. Built by the players for the players, roulette spins the wheel that decides how many respawns, if any, dark ops, number of players in each team, and how many medics are on the field.

Thursday: BAT Night (Basic Airsoft Training)
Learn everything from team tactics to clearing a room and using a sound grenade! We use a GoPro and overhead cameras to review your performance. It’s important to learn the basics to improve your skills when it comes to tactical training.

Friday: Flashback Fridays
Play your way through some of your favorite games from seasons past. Perfect for a those who have airsoft nostalgia!

Saturday: Scenarios
Play as the Godfather or a Western Outlaw, adding your favorite video games and movie roles and everyday life events that will open your mind to situation awareness.

Sunday: Milsim
Play realistic military simulations where you will find out who in your team stands out in each class and weapons tier. Captains, medics, assaults, scouts, snipers, and engineers will rise up to take on an AR-15 classified mission and objectives. 

Tactical Training

Tactical training is commonly provided for those seeking to be better prepared in the event that they need to defend themselves and their families. This instruction is very beneficial for people operating in high threat environments, such as security services. It also helps to prepare an individual for worst-case scenarios of varying degrees. No matter what you're reasoning behind wanting to practice tactical training is, choose to learn at Airsoft Resolution 15!

Airsoft Revolution 15 offers comprehensive tactical training courses in the San Antonio, TX area! Every Tuesday, we hold training classes based on real-world tactical situations that anyone may face. Our tactical training classes focus on how to handle and use real-steel airsoft guns in different scenarios. For more information about these courses, feel free to give us a call today or stop by for Tactical Training Tuesday!
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